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Сегодня Клиффи забацал серьезный артикл о непростом положении игровой индустрии.
Оказывается, все не так легко и просто, блин!

First, we need to start by making our own franchises. At the same time we must understand where publishers are coming from and have patience with them. It is your job to convince the publisher that your original brand is better than the existing brand that they want to stick on your title. From their point of view they can have either "existing, proven brand X" or "what's behind door number 2." You'd need some convincing if you were in their shoes, too. By making our own franchises we'll ultimately make more money instead of paying a steep price for an existing brand that may or may not work. We'll also make better games. Great games stand on their own and sell regardless of existing brands.

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Ну, Джэфф-то просто дуркует, а Клиффи вовсе не дурак.
Одевается только нехорошо ;)

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Не, я никогда не wonder.
Я сперва читаю.

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