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Но чем разглядывать прелести Х-Вох, лучше поглядите, как проживает по-настоящему реальный парень — Билл Гейтс.
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Bill and Melinda Gates have endowed a foundation with more than $21 billion to support philanthropic initiatives in the areas of global health and learning, with the hope that as we move into the 21st century, advances in these critical areas will be available for all people. To date, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed more than $4 billion to organizations working to improve people's lives by sharing innovations in health, education, and access to technology with those most in need. Major grants include $750 million to the Global Fund for Children's Vaccines to make lifesaving vaccines available to children in developing countries; $1 billion to launch the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, to award scholarships to high-achieving, low-income students; and a $200 million commitment to provide computers, Internet access and technical training to public libraries serving low-income communities in the United States and Canada. Pacific Northwest giving includes a $40 million grant to establish the Sound Families Program, an initiative to develop new transitional housing facilities and expand support services for homeless families in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.


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