Stubbs The Zombie: Месть Короля сегодня в продаже

08.02.07 16:26 | Goblin


Как известно, сегодня поступает в продажу игрушечка в смешном переводе Stubbs The Zombie: Месть Короля:
When we heard whispers to expect something "soon" from Wideload, I'm sure nobody had this in mind. Translator Dmitri "Goblin" Puchkov, responsible for many of the best quality dubs of Western movies and television programs into Russian, including some hilarious spoof dubs of films like Star Wars Episode One and Shmatrica, a parody of The Matrix, has turned his eyes to Stubbs the Zombie. In Goblin's version, Stubbs the Zombie: Revenge of the King, the protagonist of the game is none other than Michael Jackson, who died of too many plastic surgeries and returns from the grave for revenge.
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