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На Gamasutra.com подвесили пространное интервью с Американом МакГи, в котором его пытают насчет игрушки про Алису (отличной, замечу, игрушки).

Пара выдержек:
One of my favourite stories was when we were showing the demo at E3 in Los Angeles, and Stephen Spielberg actually came into our demo room, and got to see what the game looked like. Afterwards he said, "This is the truest rendition of this work that I've ever seen. Good job." That was very cool. It was a nice piece of validation that we were actually on to something. It showed that we weren't trying to force my view of the world on this project, but actually, a natural extension of what the story was.

The story that you see, the version that was released to the world, is not the first story that I came up with. One of the stories that I had was a modern Alice living in a trailer park with very abusive parents. She came home one day and the Step-Dad bonked her over the head with a beer bottle. Wonderland is taking place while she's passed out on the floor. What was happening, in this story anyway, was that anytime she overcame a foe in wonderland, it paralleled the conquering of someone, and usually meant killing someone in the real world. So, the idea was that she defeats the first boss, and then wakes up to find that her Step-Dad has been murdered, and she's the one who did it. You know, that was a pretty dark take on it.

I played with a couple of other ideas, like one where Alice was a little raver girl who went to a rave and did the wrong combination of some drugs, and ended up on a bad trip. The story was centred her fighting to get back out of that trip. She kept flashing back to reality either in the club, in an ambulance, or in the hospital; you know, stuff like that. There were a lot of different versions of how she got into Wonderland and what it was she was trying to overcome while she was there. I think that the story that we ended up with was again the most natural extension-or at least one that made the most amount of sense in terms of it being a third book in the series. So yeah, there were some pretty dark ideas.
Жаль, все сразу он сделать не смог.


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Хмм... Ни одного комментария до сих пор... :\

> So, the idea was that she defeats the first boss, and then wakes up to find that her Step-Dad has been murdered, and she's the one who did it.

То, что ХОТЕЛ сделать, и то, ЧТО сделал - всегда, блин, разные вещи.
Причем второе всегда примитивнее первого :(
Бизнесс, капитализьм, индустрия, эксплуататоры трудового народа, пр.?..

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> Хмм... Ни одного комментария до сих пор... :\

Сам обалдел :)

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> Круто.
> Жаль, все сразу он сделать не смог.
Что тут коментировать, остальное неитаемо:))

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