Про гопников

02.06.07 22:02 | Goblin


Газета eXile мощно порадовала снова, на этот раз экскурсом в историю родного Лиговского проспекта:
The gopnik species even has an exact locus: Ligovsky Prospekt, dom 10. It was the Oktyabrskaya Hotel, which the Soviets turned into a downtown dormitory for incoming proletarians, but which, in the hands of the gopniki, was transformed into their own collectivized gangsta crib.

Since they were village outsiders, often from broken families, many with histories of petty crime or worse, the gopniki were despised by the Petrograd/Leningrad natives. They became legends as outlaws and toughs who couldn't be broken by the Soviet system. They had their own code of ethics and lived by their own rules, their own knuckle tats and styles, sort of like the vori v zakoni of the misdemeanor world of hooligans.

Over time, as gopnik fashion, slang, and attitude spread throughout the country's lower classes, the meaning of the word changed. Rather than referring to the specific phenomenon of village toughs living in the Oktyabrskaya Hotel, "gopnik" referred to any Russian brute with a shaven head, thick leather jacket, ridiculous leather shoes, and the ubiquitous kepka-tabletka. It could also refer to the guy squatting in courtyard in his track suit and tapochki, pounding a bottle of cheap Zhigulovskoe beer and spitting seeds, occasionally snapping at his wife to keep her mouth shut, since her only job is to take their baby on a stroll in the second-hand Turkish baby carriage that he pinched from the front of someone's izba...
Многие просят перевести.

Пацаны, не знать английского нельзя.


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